Real Jewelry Vs Costume Jewelry

The Benefits of Owning Real Jewelry

The benefits of owning real jewelry are many. Composed of genuine gems and valuable metals like gold, silver or platinum and designed by master craftsman, real jewelry figuratively lasts forever, if cared for properly and, becomes a part of the legacy that we leave our loved ones. Customers have told me that they purchase only real jewelry to mark special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries or for a graduation or wedding gift because its durability ensures that it will forever remain a tangible reminder of that special day in their lives. For many customers, buying real jewelry at a local establishment is the only way to purchase an important piece. They can see it, try it on, and learn about it from educated and helpful staff. An educated customer buys with confidence. In addition, they prefer a store with ties to the community and an expert jeweler on the staff for sizing, remounting and repairs. They prefer to deal with someone they can trust with their valuable items. In a sense, they’re looking for an old-fashioned jewelry store with old fashioned values of trust, service, and quality.


This is not to say that we discourage the purchase of costume jewelry. Low-cost items have a place in your wardrobe, even if they cannot be repaired. You may want an inexpensive piece for travel or as a starter piece of jewelry when you’re young or you may want to match a one-time item like a bridesmaid’s gown. Our advice is to buy it, enjoy it, but don’t invest in it.


Only real jewelry feels like the real thing!