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Schmuck, der Tag und Nacht getragen werden kann, um einen spektakulären diamanten Look zu schaffen. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt...

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Schmuck, der Tag und Nacht getragen werden kann, um einen spektakulären diamanten Look zu schaffen.

Van Scoy’s ha always treated me with great courtesy. They have repaired or replaced items for me with the most pleasant customer service. They also indulge me in looking at items. Thank you, Van Scoy’s!

Cindy S.

 My husband and I were looking to upgrade my wedding set using diamonds I inherited from my mom and grandmothers. The jeweler does meticulous work and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product!

Laurie W.

I would highly recommend this store to anyone!! The owner, Caroline Hill sets the bar high and her associates all follow suit! They all have a passion for what they do and their jewelry is beautiful! They give back to the community and truly care about what they do!

Susan B.

They are very knowledgeable and will send you home with a piece you adore and can feel confident in the purchase.  My husband custom ordered my stones and the process was straightforward and stress free!

Nicole J.

Excellent service.  There is no sales pressure.  Sales people are pleasant and go the extra mile to help you.   I have used them multiple times to size my rings and rhodium dip a few pieces.   This time I just went in to make sure a piece was actual gold.

Lisa W.

The experienced and professional staff of Van Scoy treats each customer like a personal friend. When purchasing either timeless heirloom or casual accent piece, Van Scoy has the quality, trust and expertise that met our discriminating taste.

Carol B.

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